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The Whole Marketer podcast

Welcome to The Whole Marketer podcast. Our host Abigail Dixon, Founder and Director of Labyrinth Marketing, is passionate about supporting and empowering the people and marketers, behind the brands and businesses, to step change their and their brands growth. In each podcast, she along with her subject matter expert guest, will discuss a key skill; technical, soft or an area of personal development to support your growth as marketers in today's challenging yet fulfilling profession.

Jul 20, 2020

Episode #9. This episode is about you the marketer and embracing your personal values to have the most fulfilling marketing career and life. Taking the time to understand your values, how they affect the type of company/brand you want to work for and your leadership style can be a valuable exercise; one that host Abby has personally benefitted from. Abby is joined by entrepreneur Alex Hirst, who shares his story of how his values inspired a new ‘workstyle’ concept of flexible freelance working with his business as co-founder of The Hoxby Collective.

Sponsored by Labyrinth Marketing

Host Abigail Dixon @thewholemarketer

Guest: Alex Hirst